Kamisato Ayaka, definitely, has got the most useful Energized Attack regarding online game

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Kamisato Ayaka, definitely, has got the most useful Energized Attack regarding online game

step 3. Energized Attack Generate

It is unbelievably brief and then have has many variety. It will also proceed with the opponent despite it teleport out! That it generate tend to high light for the Kamisato Ayaka’s Typical Assault expertise (in which the woman Energized Assault damage balances out of), no matter if admittedly will certainly reduce the level of moments this lady Elemental Bust will come aside.

Just before proceeding on make by itself, you should observe that playing with Ayaka in every generate will require one to make the most of the lady alternative race Kamisato Art: Senho. With this particular, not only can Ayaka flow at a very timely pace, she will also infuse this lady knife which have Cryo and just have implement Cryo so you’re able to Buffalo escort girl her enemies, reducing them off.

Also, when Ayaka is applicable Cryo to help you the girl enemies together with her option race, it will produce various other couch potato expertise, Kanten Senmyou True blessing, that can heal ten of the woman power and you will increase the woman Cryo DMG Added bonus by the 18%. All of this will happen within just you to dash!

Since this create requires one play with her Elemental Ability to bring about new 4-bit effectation of brand new artifact, it’s higher to know that doing so tend to turn on the fresh Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification where it does raise this lady Normal and you may Recharged Assault damage by 31% much more!

  • 2-part effect: ATK +18%.
  • 4-bit impact: Whenever casting an elemental Expertise, whether your reputation has actually 15 or maybe more Times, they dump fifteen Energy and Regular/Charge/Plunging Assault DMG try improved of the 50% having tens. That it impact cannot lead to again during that period.

Ayaka want specific Opportunity Recharge very she will let defeat the energy penalty of one’s artifact place, however it doesn’t need to end up being a main artifact stat.

Because this make requires that explore the woman Elemental Expertise so you’re able to end up in the brand new cuatro-section effect of the brand new artifact, it is high to find out that doing so tend to trigger the fresh Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification in which it does raise the woman Regular and you can Billed Assault ruin because of the 31% way more!

  • Flower (Apartment Hp repaired): ATK, ATK%, Crit Rates, Crit Wreck
  • Plume (Flat ATK fixed): ATK, ATK%, Crit Speed, Crit Damage
  • Sands (ATK%): Opportunity Cost, ATK%, Crit Price, Crit Wreck
  • Cup (Cryo Ruin Incentive): Times Recharge, ATK%, Crit Rate, Crit Damage
  • Circlet (Crit Rate otherwise Crit Ruin): Time Charge, Elemental Mastery, Crit Speed, Crit Wreck

Before you go on the weapons required for which make, you will find some other passive ability regarding Ayaka that is really worth bringing up.

Shifting to help you guns, Kamisato Ayaka with Recharged Assault generate would want a tool one to increase the girl total wreck productivity. Below are a few of the finest guns getting Charged Assault Ayaka build:

Since this build will require you to definitely fool around with the lady Elemental Skills to trigger the brand new 4-part aftereffect of the latest artifact, it’s higher to understand that this tend to turn on the brand new Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification where it will boost their Regular and you can Billed Attack ruin from the 29% so much more!

  • The latest Street Flash is a superb 4-star weapon having Charged Assault Ayaka build that would require some Wishing, but at the least wouldn’t always want a real income to locate. It’s substat are Essential Expertise, and that is higher when leading to Burn (Cryo + Pyro) responses.

Since this create will need that explore her Elemental Skills to trigger the brand new 4-section aftereffect of the fresh new artifact, it’s high to find out that doing so usually turn on the newest Amatsumi Kunitsumi Sanctification where it can increase her Normal and you will Billed Attack ruin from the 29% far more!

  • For those who have bought the fight Citation, the sword Brand new Black Sword is probably one of the best guns because of it make off Ayaka, whilst will increase this lady Normal and you will Energized Assault Damage. Though Ayaka currently ascends into Crit Rate stat, a tad bit more would not damage and you can carry out indeed allow you to interest much more about Crit Wreck on her artifact statistics.

Getting party arrangements, you will need to keep in mind that Ayaka are nevertheless towards the the field because of it build. For this reason, joining this lady up with devices that can do what they need accomplish from inside the a heartbeat is key. Here are some unbelievable class arrangements to possess Energized Assault Ayaka create: